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MLS ID Title Price Status City/Town State Country
CS1700032Apartments with sea view in Tamarindo$165,000ActivePlaya TamarindoGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1400637House For Sale in Guadalupe$90,000SoldGuadalupeSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900104Se vende terreno con oficinas, taller y bodegas en Rio Segundo, Alajuela.: Property For Sale in Río Segundo$156,401ActiveRío SegundoAlajuelaCosta Rica
CS1900073House For Sale in Uruca$235,000ActiveUrucaSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1800066Freestanding Building For Sale in San Antonio$63,322ActiveSan AntonioSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900108Se vende edificacion en San Vicente, Moravia.: Freestanding Building For Sale in Moravia$225,669ActiveMoraviaSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1800029Industrial Shop with Office and Land$175,000ActivePlaya PotreroGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1700066Se vende Lote de 2.116m2 en Grecia (Calle La Cedeña): An excellent opportunity for your business$181,000ActivePuente de PiedraAlajuelaCosta Rica
CS1700026Property For Sale in Desamparados$219,000ActiveDesamparadosAlajuelaCosta Rica
CS1800105Commercial Property in Río Naranjo - Route to Bijagua$220,000ActiveRío NaranjoGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1800103Excellent commercial property for sale$175,000ActiveCalle BlancosSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1200345Mountain, Riverfront and Countryside Property For Sale in Río Piedras$65,000SoldRío PiedrasGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900097Ocean view Villas in Copal Beach$220,000ActivePlaya CopalGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900028Se Vende Casa en Condominio Novara, Ciudad Colon: House For Sale in Ciudad Colón$165,562ActiveCiudad ColónSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1800075La Oliva: Premier Food and Import Business for Sale$99,000ActiveCabo VelasGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1600106Condos for sale $145,000ActiveCiudad ColónSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900051Near the Coast House For Sale in Sardinal$73,194ActiveSardinalGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900049House For Sale in Alajuela$108,000ActiveAlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
CS1900048House For Sale in San Rafael$143,000ActiveSan RafaelCartagoCosta Rica
CS1900063House For Sale in Lagunilla$173,401ActiveLagunillaHerediaCosta Rica
CS1900062House For Sale in San Pablo$185,858ActiveSan PabloHerediaCosta Rica
CS1800004AZ9: Strip Center Unit For Sale in Catedral$190,000ActiveCatedralSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900060House For Sale in El Guarco$135,217ActiveEl GuarcoCartagoCosta Rica
CS1900046Crossfit Surfside: Popular and Operational Beachside Crossfit & Cafe Business $150,000Pending SalePlaya PotreroGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900080LOCAL EUGENIA: Countryside Strip Center Unit For Sale in Tilarán$98,100ActiveTilaránGuanacasteCosta Rica