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MLS ID Title Price Status City/Town State Country
CS1200418Property For Sale in San Sebastián$180,000SoldSan SebastiánSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1200483SOLD ! $240,000SoldTilaránGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900046Crossfit Surfside: Popular and Operational Beachside Crossfit & Cafe Business $150,000SoldPlaya PotreroGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1200345SOLD !$65,000SoldRío PiedrasGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1400637House For Sale in Guadalupe$90,000SoldGuadalupeSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1800085Beach House Restaurant: Restaurant for Lease on the Beach$250,000SoldPlaya PotreroGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900088Condominio Los Helechos: House For Sale in Cartago$109,299ActiveCartagoCartagoCosta Rica
CS1900165Business Commercial Property in the center of Liberia Home$180,000ActiveLiberiaGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1700038Plaza Tamarindo Local #15: Beautiful corner office with two floors$104,000ActivePlaya TamarindoGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900031Se vende casa en Vasquez de Coronado.: Countryside House For Sale in Cascajal$207,204ActiveCascajalSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900042INVIERTA YA EN ZONA DE GRAN POTENCIAL: House For Sale in Barrio Socorro$183,500ActiveBarrio SocorroHerediaCosta Rica
CS1700027Countryside Strip Center Unit For Sale in Higuito$208,000ActiveHiguitoSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900162Sunset Hostel: Perfect Location Hostel for Sale (Business Only)$124,900ActivePlaya TamarindoGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900052Near the Coast House For Sale in Sardinal$175,905ActiveSardinalGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900084House For Sale in Aguirre$54,238ActiveAguirrePuntarenasCosta Rica
CS1800067Warehouse For Sale in San Juan de Dios$76,000ActiveSan Juan de DiosSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900001Se vende Edificio en San Jose: Freestanding Building For Sale in Centro$87,258ActiveCentroSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900002Se vende local en San Jose: Strip Center Unit For Sale in Centro$152,300ActiveCentroSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900003Se vende casa en Condominio Residencial Isabella del Carmen, Goicoechea.: House For Sale in El Carmen$200,330ActiveEl CarmenSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900025Se vende inmobiliario en Santa Ana.: House For Sale in Salitral$140,000ActiveSalitralSan JoséCosta Rica
CS1900103Large property with villas - Mogote, Bagaces$192,000ActiveSan JorgeGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS1900173Mountain Property For Sale in Angeles$200,000ActiveAngelesHerediaCosta Rica
CS1900061House For Sale in La Aurora$109,111ActiveLa AuroraHerediaCosta Rica
CS2000010Villaggio Live-in Commercial Space Next to New Popular Restaurant in Commercial Square$69,900ActivePlaya PotreroGuanacasteCosta Rica
CS2000017Commercial Corner House for Sale Tibas San Jose$120,000ActiveTibásSan JoséCosta Rica