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MLS ID Title Price Status City/Town State Country
LL1600328Countryside Agricultural Land For Sale in Venecia$125,000Active VeneciaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL1800291Mountain and Countryside Home Construction Site For Sale in Grecia$88,900ActiveGreciaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100334Countryside Home Construction Site For Sale in Grecia$65,003SoldGreciaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100331Home Construction Site For Sale in La Garita$62,003Pending SaleLa GaritaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100329Property For Sale in Dulce Nombre$489,021ActiveDulce NombreAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100328CONDOMINIO TERRANOVA # 95: Home Construction Site For Sale in La Ceiba$92,021ActiveLa CeibaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100070lot vacant land for sale, Escobal, Atenas, Alajuela$16,900ActiveEscobalAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100028Home Construction Site For Sale in San Pedro$78,000ActiveSan PedroAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL1600351Riverfront Property For Sale in Pénjamo$375,000ActivePénjamoAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100357Lote el Refugio: Home Construction Site For Sale in La Guácima$123,400ActiveLa GuácimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL1900088Industrial property for sale In San Rafael de Alajuela$3,000,000ActiveAlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2200096Home Construction Site For Sale in Desamparados$720,000ActiveDesamparadosAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100339Development Parcel For Sale in Río Segundo$1,150,000ActiveRío SegundoAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100288Hot and cold springs for sale, surrounded by an overgrown farm, taken back by nature $1,800,000ActiveDos RíosAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2200068Home Construction Site For Sale in Puente de Piedra$43,000ActivePuente de PiedraAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100368Home Construction Site For Sale in San Ramón$44,900ActiveSan RamónAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL1800093Development Parcel For Sale in Orotina$1,600,000ActiveOrotinaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2200002Countryside Home Construction Site For Sale in San José (Sur y Norte)$490,000ActiveSan José (Sur y Norte)AlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2200017 Lot of 3518 m2 at 5 min. from Mirador Cañuelas, Naranjo, Costa Rica$78,000ActiveSan JuanilloAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2200039Residencial Bosques del Tecal: Home Construction Site For Sale in Jesús María$150,000ActiveJesús MaríaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100106Home Construction Site For Sale in Orotina$352,397ActiveOrotinaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100046lot vacant land for sale, Condominio El Retiro lote 99 , Fraijanes, San Isidro, Alajuela, Costa Rica$70,500ActiveFraijanesAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2000005Wonderful Buffalo Farm bordering the national park near Dos Ríos - 1 hour from Liberia$2,975,000ActiveDos RíosAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2000121Home Construction Site For Sale in Grecia$53,000ActiveGreciaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2100061lot, vacant land, for sale, Candelaria, Naranjo, Alajuela$38,000ActiveCandelariaAlajuelaCosta Rica