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MLS ID Title Price Status City/Town State Country
LL2300309Home Construction Site For Sale in Cartago$65,000ActiveCartagoCartagoCosta Rica
LL2300390Countryside Development Parcel For Sale in Cartago$275,000ActiveCartagoCartagoCosta Rica
LL2200058Home Construction Site For Sale in San Rafael$341,509ActiveSan RafaelCartagoCosta Rica
LL1800156Residential Lots For Sale in Lankester Community, in Paraiso - Cartago$40,000ActiveParaísoCartagoCosta Rica
LL2300102Home Construction Site For Sale in La Union$1,100,000ActiveLa UnionCartagoCosta Rica
LL1900118Se vende terreno en Tierra Blanca, Cartago.: Countryside Home Construction Site For Sale in Ochomogo$351,081ActiveOchomogoCartagoCosta Rica
LL2300308Home Construction Site For Sale in Cartago$72,000ActiveCartagoCartagoCosta Rica
LL2300375Bienvenidos a su futuro hogar: Welcome to your future home in the Private Condominium Monte Real Tres Rios in Cartago, Costa Rica. $133,000ActiveLa Unión de Tres RíosCartagoCosta Rica
LL2300372Agricultural Land For Sale in San Rafael$518,168ActiveSan RafaelCartagoCosta Rica
LL1900008Se vende terreno en Cartago.: Agricultural Land For Sale in Cartago, Costa Rica$173,500ActiveCartago, Costa RicaCartagoCosta Rica
LL1800021Countryside Home Construction Site For Sale in Orosi$461,540ActiveOrosiCartagoCosta Rica
LL1800019Home Construction Site For Sale in El Tejar$68,180ActiveEl TejarCartagoCosta Rica