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MLS ID Title Price Status City/Town State Country
LL1000059River Front Property-REDUCED TO $250,000$250,000ActiveCañasGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1000064Sold: Countryside Development Parcel For Sale in Cañas$500,000SoldCañasGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1000067Countryside Development Parcel For Sale in Sabalito$490,000SoldSabalitoGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1000071Volcano View: Mountain and Countryside Home Construction Site For Sale in Tierras Morenas$75,000ActiveTierras MorenasGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1100639Esparza Puntarenas$3,522,500ActiveNaranjitoPuntarenasCosta Rica
LL1201625Gated commuity, ask for available lot sizes and prices $150,000SoldNuevo TronadoraGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1201776Countryside and Mountain Agricultural Land For Sale in Cartago$650,000ActiveCartago CartagoCosta Rica
LL1201853Countryside, Lakefront, Mountain and Riverfront Agricultural Land For Sale in Tronadora$85,000SoldTronadoraGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1201974SOLD !$75,000SoldSan LuisGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1202013Agricultural Land For Sale in Guápiles$450,000ActiveGuápilesLimónCosta Rica
LL1302160900701001-9$119,500ActiveSiquirrisLimónCosta Rica
LL1302175Farmland in San Mateo, Alajuela$1,274,000ActiveJesús MaríaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL1302181900701029-59 $200,000ActiveTárcolesPuntarenasCosta Rica
LL1402352Finca Alvarado: Beautiful Land in Playa Samara!$12,000,000ActiveSámaraGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1402371Land in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste (Santa Cruz-Tamarindo Road)$1,101,000ActiveSanta CruzGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1402392Lot in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste (Venado)$87,000ActiveSanta CruzGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1402393Lot in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste (Venado)$71,000ActiveSanta CruzGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1402394Lot in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste (Venado)$297,000ActiveSanta CruzGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1402548Large undeveloped farm at the base of the World Famous Whale's Tail in Uvita$1,995,595ActiveBahiaPuntarenasCosta Rica
LL1402561Great views in a beautiful property: 900701001-599$742,000ActiveEscazúSan JoséCosta Rica
LL1402577Farm in Siquirres, Limon$165,000ActiveSiquirrisLimónCosta Rica
LL1500072Terreno en Golfito: Mountain and Near the Coast Development Parcel For Sale in Golfito$175,000ActiveGolfitoPuntarenasCosta Rica
LL1500188COCOA AND DAIRY FARM IN PRODUCTION AND GROWING: Cocoa farm in San Carlos$2,950,000ActiveSan CarlosAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL1500189COCOA FARM IN PRODUCTION AND GROWING: 900701029-96$2,950,000ActiveSan CarlosAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL1500288PROPERTY CLOSE TO THE AIRPORT OF LIBERIA: Excellent property in front of Route 21$2,237,500ActiveGuardiaGuanacasteCosta Rica