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MLS ID Title Price Status Beds Baths City/Town State Country
RL2000001Apartment For Rent in San Diego$700 / monthActive21San DiegoCartagoCosta Rica
RL1800103Apartment For Rent in Santa Ana$750 / monthActive11Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900130CONDOMINIO RIVER PARK SANTA ANA: Apartment For Rent in Lindora$1,000 / monthActive11LindoraSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900125Apartment For Rent in Trejos Montealegre$1,000 / monthActive32Trejos MontealegreSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1200238Casa Habibi: Near the Coast Villa For Rent in Playa Potrero$4,500 / weekActive66Playa PotreroGuanacasteCosta Rica
RL1900188Apartment For Rent in Santa Ana$1,000 / monthActive21Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800043Beach Front House for rent with Pool in San Miguel Beach, Guanacaste$3,955 / weekActive45Playa San MiguelGuanacasteCosta Rica
RL1700173Apartment for rent with Appliances Brasil de Santa Ana Piedades$1,000 / monthActive22Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1700042BIG ROOMS APARTMENT (funished or not)$600 / monthActive11PavasSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900015Apartment For Rent in Rohrmoser$1,000 / monthActive32RohrmoserSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800001AZ4: House in Santa Barbara de Heredia, for rent with option for sale.$900 / monthActive42Santo DomingoHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800229Casa Guana I: Modern Efficiency Riverfront Residence for Rent in Surfside / Playa Potrero$965 / monthActive21Playa PotreroGuanacasteCosta Rica
RL1800227Casa Carambola: Spacious 1 Bed 1 Bath Riverfront Residence for Rent in Surfside / Playa Potrero$839 / monthActive11Playa PotreroGuanacasteCosta Rica
RL2000043Apartment For Rent in Santa Ana$950 / monthActive11Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1200251Apartment For Rent in Moravia$850 / monthActive33Moravia San JoséCosta Rica
RL2000017House For Rent in Curridabat$900 / monthActive32CurridabatSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2000015Apartment For Rent in Los Laureles$1,000 / monthActive22Los LaurelesSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800155Apartment For Rent$900 / monthActive22UrucaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2000033Apartment For Rent in Santo Domingo$750 / monthActive22Santo DomingoHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900181Apartment for Rent with Garden Brasil de Mora Ciudad Colon$850 / monthActive22Brasil de MoraSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2000022Apartment For Rent in Ciudad Colón$1,000 / monthActive32Ciudad ColónSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1700185Rent condominium 2 rooms in Santa Ana$1,000 / monthActive22LindoraSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900137Furnished Apartment for rent Brasil de Santa Ana Piedades$1,000 / monthActive22PiedadesSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900171Modern Apartament for Rent with Beautiful View Santa Ana$850 / monthActive22Urbanizacion Valle SoleadoSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900207Apartment For Rent in San Diego$700 / monthActive21San DiegoCartagoCosta Rica