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MLS ID Title Price Status Beds Baths City/Town State Country
RL1900039TORRES DE HEREDIA: Apartment For Rent in Barreal$950 / monthActive11BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RL2200049house for sale rent Residencial Monte Flora San Francisco Heredia Costa Rica$730 / monthActive32San FranciscoHerediaCosta Rica
RL2200025House for rent, San Agustín Condo, San Francisco, Heredia, Costa Rica$1,200 / monthActive43San FranciscoHerediaCosta Rica
RL2100099Condominium For Rent in Bosques de Doña Rosa$2,300 / monthActive55Bosques de Doña RosaHerediaCosta Rica
RL2300007House for rent in San Rafael, Heredia with wondeful views$2,600 / monthActive44ConcepcionHerediaCosta Rica
RL2100107new house for rent in Valeria condo, North Mercedes, Heredia, Costa Rica$1,100 / monthActive32MercedesHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800232ALQUILER DE AMPLIA CASA DE MONTAÑA EN SAN ISIDRO: Mountain and Countryside House For Rent in Concepción$2,000 / monthActive45ConcepciónHerediaCosta Rica