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MLS ID Title Price Status Beds Baths City/Town State Country
RL1700165Beautiful 3 bedroom house for Rent or Rent with Option to Buy in a gated and secure Residential in San Pablo de Heredia$1,300 / monthActive32San PabloHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900023Condominium For Rent in La Ribera$4,500 / monthActive33La RiberaHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900039TORRES DE HEREDIA: Apartment For Rent in Barreal$900 / monthActive11BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RL1600011900701019-375: Apartment For Rent in San Pablo$1,050 / monthActive22San PabloHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800140¡INCREIBLE CONDOMINIO PARA RENTA EN UBICACION CONVENIENTE! San Francisco HEREDIA$1,500 / monthActive32San FranciscoHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800216Countryside House For Rent in Barreal$1,500 / monthActive43BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900079CONDOMINIO EN SANTO DOMINGO: Condominium For Rent in Santa Rosa$1,300 / monthActive32Santa RosaHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900078CONDOMINIO TERRAFE: Condominium For Rent in Ulloa$1,450 / monthActive32UlloaHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900007Mountain House For Rent in Getsemaní$1,100 / monthActive33GetsemaníHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900045LA JOLLA EXCLUSIVE VILLAS: Condominium For Rent in San Antonio$2,500 / monthActive35San AntonioHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800201CONDOMINIO SANTA VERDE: Mountain Apartment For Rent in Barreal$800 / monthActive11BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900016Apartment For Rent in Barreal$900 / monthActive11BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900083Apartment For Rent in San Pablo$1,650 / monthActive32San PabloHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900066ULLOA HEREDIA: Condominium For Rent in Barreal$1,150 / monthActive32BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800156Live in Cute Property furnished!$2,000 / monthActive33Santo DomingoHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800152Live in Cute Apartment furnished! $750 / monthActive22Santo DomingoHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800142AMAZING CONDOMINIUM FOR RENT $1,600 / monthActive32San FranciscoHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800001AZ4: House in Santa Barbara de Heredia, for rent with option for sale.$900 / monthActive42Santo DomingoHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900077RESIDENCIAL EXCLUSIVO EN SAN ISIDRO: Condominium For Rent in San Isidro$1,300 / monthActive43San IsidroHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900037CARIARI COUNTRY CLUB: House For Rent in Cariari$2,500 / monthActive33CariariHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900017TORRES DE HEREDIA: Apartment For Rent in Barreal$1,050 / monthActive22BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RL1600062Bellos apartamentos en alquiler. Mercedes Sur.: Apartment For Rent in Mercedes$500 / monthActive21MercedesHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900032Furnished Condominium for rent in Hacienda Belen Frente a Intel$2,500 / monthActive33BelenHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900054BOSQUE DE DOÑA ROSA: House For Rent in Cariari$3,000 / monthActive47CariariHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900108Condominium For Rent in Rincón de Sabanilla$1,300 / monthActive22Rincón de SabanillaHerediaCosta Rica