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MLS ID Title Price Status Beds Baths City/Town State Country
RL1900130CONDOMINIO RIVER PARK SANTA ANA: Apartment For Rent in Lindora$1,000 / monthActive11LindoraSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900119Furnished house for rent Mountains view Alto de las Palomas Escazu$4,250 / monthActive32EscazúSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2000117House For Rent in Ciudad Colón$2,200 / monthActive33Ciudad ColónSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2100133House for Rent Gated Community 3 Bedrooms Rohrmoser Costa Rica$1,500 / monthActive32RohrmoserSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2100073Mountain Condominium For Rent in Ciudad Colón$3,000 / monthActive44Ciudad ColónSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2100071House For Rent in Santa Ana$1,300 / monthActive32Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800207Condominio amueblado en Piedades de Santa Ana$1,000 / monthActive22PiedadesSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800164VILLAS DEL REY: House For Rent in Escazú$1,500 / monthActive32EscazúSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1700143Beauty, quality and versatility$2,500 / monthActive44CurridabatSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800157Beautiful Condominium $2,950 / monthActive32EscazúSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2200006Apartment for Rent With Appliances City Views Paseo Colon San Jose Costa Rica$1,000 / monthActive22Paseo ColonSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2200005Wide Apartment for Rent 3 Bedrooms One Level on the Second Floor Trejos Montealegre Escazú Costa Rica $1,000 / monthActive32Trejos MontealegreSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800033House For Rent in Santa Ana$1,800 / monthActive33Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900080CONDOMINIO AZENZA, URUCA: Apartment For Rent in Uruca$800 / monthActive11UrucaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800192House For Rent in Santa Ana$1,100 / monthActive32Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2200032AVALON COUNTRY CLUB: Apartment For Rent in Rio Oro$1,100 / monthActive22Rio OroSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2200024House in Gated Community for Sale Villas de Valencia Escazú Costa Rica$2,500 / monthActive32EscazúSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800158Excellent Three Bedroom Condominium For Rent$2,950 / monthActive31EscazúSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900015Apartment For Rent in Rohrmoser$1,000 / monthActive32RohrmoserSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2200039Condominium for Rent 2 Bedrooms Brasil de Mora Ciudad Colon Costa Rica$1,000 / monthActive22Brasil de MoraSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2100098One Story House for Rent Santa Ana Downtown Costa Rica$2,300 / monthActive33Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL2000061House for Rent in Condominium 3 Bedrooms Guachipelin Escazu Costa Rica$1,250 / monthActive32GuachipelínSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800200Beautiful Furnished Apartment for Rent$2,950 / monthActive33EscazúSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800199Apartment For Rent in Escazú$3,250 / monthActive32EscazúSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1800197Apartment For Rent in Escazú$3,450 / monthActive31EscazúSan JoséCosta Rica