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MLS ID Title Price Status Beds Baths City/Town State Country
RL19000722 Bedroom Condo for rent with porch Brasil de Mora Ciudad Colon$950 / monthActive22Brasil de MoraSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900119Furnished house for rent Mountains view Alto de las Palomas Escazu$3,700 / monthActive32Alto de las palomasSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900022APARTAMENTO EN ALQUILER, ROHRMOSER CERCANIAS DE SABANA: Countryside Apartment For Rent in Rohrmoser$1,600 / monthActive32RohrmoserSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1600011900701019-375: Apartment For Rent in San Pablo$1,050 / monthActive22San PabloHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900126Apartament for rent Rohrmoser view to Parque del Cafe La Sabana$1,800 / monthActive22RohrmoserSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900125Apartment For Rent in Trejos Montealegre$1,000 / monthActive32Trejos MontealegreSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900120One floor apartament for rent beautiful view Jaboncillos Escazu$2,950 / monthActive33EscazúSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900074House for rent gated community Bosque de las lomas Escazu Guachipelin$3,200 / monthActive32GuachipelínSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1700151House For Rent in Coronado$4,000 / monthActive54CoronadoSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900145House in condominium for rent 3 bedrooms Bosques de las Lomas Escazu$3,000 / monthActive32GuachipelínSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900139Apartment for rent beautiful view 3 bedrooms Escazu Bello Horizonte$1,850 / monthActive32Bello HorizonteSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1500018The Palms #23: Beautiful Beach Front Condo$18,200 / monthActive23Playa FlamingoGuanacasteCosta Rica
RL1900007Mountain House For Rent in Getsemaní$1,100 / monthActive33GetsemaníHerediaCosta Rica
RL1900141Apartment For Rent in Pozos$1,350 / monthActive12PozosSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900018Furnished apartament for rent Trejos Montealegre Escazu$1,400 / monthActive22Trejos MontealegreSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900146Casa de Tres Niveles rodeada de Naturaleza a la Renta: House For Rent in Santa Ana$2,850 / monthActive44Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1500093Casa Colibri: Modern Luxury 3 Bedroom Ocean View Vacation Home$4,000 / weekActive33Playa FlamingoGuanacasteCosta Rica
RL1500092Casa Cielo: Hill-Top Ocean View Luxury Villa with Private Pool$3,500 / weekActive44Playa FlamingoGuanacasteCosta Rica
RL1800192House For Rent in Santa Ana$1,100 / monthActive32Santa AnaSan JoséCosta Rica
RL1900113Apartment For Rent in La Guacima$750 / monthActive32La GuacimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RL1900083Apartment For Rent in San Pablo$1,650 / monthActive32San PabloHerediaCosta Rica
RL1800001AZ4: House in Santa Barbara de Heredia, for rent with option for sale.$900 / monthActive42Santo DomingoHerediaCosta Rica
RL1600103Hacienda Nelson: An Enchanting Ocean-View, Hill-Top Luxury Home$30,760 / monthActive35Playa FlamingoGuanacasteCosta Rica
RL1600070Gated House Furnished in Escazu: Countryside House For Rent in San Antonio$2,200 / monthActive32San AntonioSan JoséCosta Rica