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MLS ID Title Price Status Beds Baths City/Town State Country
RS2000012House For Sale in Coyol$145,000Active32CoyolAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900499Mountain House For Sale in Alajuela$699,000Active22AlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900223Modern condominium for sale La Guacima Natura Viva 3 rooms$163,000Active32AlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1700235HOUSE WITH BULLETPROOF WINDOWS AND DOUBLE WALLS with Residential / Commercial Use$700,000Active33Calle LilesAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1700640House For Sale in Orotina$150,000Active33OrotinaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1800535Stunning Sustainable Estate in Naranjo$1,499,000Active76San MiguelAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1800210Los Reyes Scenic Home$379,000Active44GuacimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1500015Nice House in Orotina$270,000Active32OrotinaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900151House For Sale in La Guacima$450,022Active44La GuacimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1800401House For Sale in Alajuela$78,208Active31AlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900169House For Sale in Guacima$998,022Active54GuacimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1800386House For Sale in San Rafael, Alajuela$141,000Active32San RafaelAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900432House For Sale in Río Segundo$210,000Active32Río SegundoAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900429House For Sale in Río Segundo$190,000Active32Río SegundoAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1202450House For Sale in San Pedro$184,000Active44San PedroAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900431House For Sale in Río Segundo$200,000Active32Río SegundoAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900430CONDOMINIO TIERRAS DE SANTIAGO: House For Sale in Río Segundo$200,000Active32Río SegundoAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1202455Mountain House For Sale in San Pedro$120,000Active32San PedroAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900369Casa Nueva en Condominio a la Venta: House For Sale in Alajuela$136,000Active32AlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1600323Propiedad muy grande: Countryside House For Sale in Caño Negro$152,000Active21Caño NegroAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1500273House For Sale in San Rafael$950,000Active55San RafaelAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2000030House For Sale in Alajuela Centro, Meza$159,000Active32Alajuela Centro, MezaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1403304Vacation Villa in Orotina (2 kms from hwy 27)$249,000Active32OrotinaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900251House For Sale in Tacares$414,410Active45TacaresAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900203Se vende casa en San Miguel, Naranjo, Alajuela.: House For Sale in San Miguel$513,504Active45San MiguelAlajuelaCosta Rica