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MLS ID Title Price Status Beds Baths City/Town State Country
RS2100088House For Sale in La Guácima$538,000Active43La GuácimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100062House For Sale in Puente de Piedra$158,000Active32Puente de PiedraAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100879House For Sale in Alajuela$185,021Active43AlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100876Recently built house at Condominio Santa Emilia, Alajuela, Alajuela$280,003Active32San IsidroAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100117House For Sale in La Guácima$237,150Active32La GuácimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100116House For Sale in La Guácima$237,786Active32La GuácimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100111House For Sale in Puente de Piedra$170,454Active32Puente de PiedraAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100449MAM-005: Near the Coast House For Sale in La Guácima$108,500Active31La GuácimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100878BARRIO SAN JOSE: Property For Sale in San José$795,021Active65San JoséAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100873Quinta Carrizal, Alajuela: Unique mountain house FOR SALE in Carrizal, Alajuela$250,003Active42CarrizalAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100871Apartment For Sale in San Rafael$102,000Active32San RafaelAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100502MAM-036: House For Sale in El Roble$155,000Active22El RobleAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100951Apartment For Sale in San Pablo$100,000Active33San PabloAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100093Apartment For Sale in San Rafael$178,000Active22San RafaelAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2000409House For Sale in Alajuela$185,000Active33AlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100673For sale 2 apartments in El Coyol, Alajuela. Costa Rica$198,000Active64CoyolAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100904House For Sale in La Guácima$272,195Active32La GuácimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100896House For Sale in Alajuela$106,021Active42AlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1900301Property is mostly flat land approximately (1-1/2 acres)$580,000Active32OrotinaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100944Condominio Natura Viva: House For Sale in La Guácima$175,003Active32La GuácimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100913Casa Valencia: Casa Valencia, Los Reyes of Guacima$435,000Active32La GuácimaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100848Se vende apto ubicado en Alajuela, San Rafael, Condominio Villas del Campo: Apartment For Sale in San Rafael$106,303Active32San RafaelAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100239Countryside House For Sale in La Palmera$369,450Active22La PalmeraAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS2100238House For Sale in Alajuela$256,700Active33AlajuelaAlajuelaCosta Rica
RS1800535Stunning Sustainable Estate in Naranjo$1,499,000Active56San MiguelAlajuelaCosta Rica