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MLS ID Title Price Status Beds Baths City/Town State Country
RS2300949Se vende casa ubicada en Cartago, Oreamuno, San Rafael$181,288Active21San RafaelCartagoCosta Rica
RS2100874Condominium For Sale in Cartago$147,091Active32CartagoCartagoCosta Rica
RS2100869Condominium For Sale in Cartago$113,821Active32CartagoCartagoCosta Rica
RS2100851Se vende casa ubicada en Cartago, Oreamuno, San Rafael: House For Sale in San Rafael$202,523Active43San RafaelCartagoCosta Rica
RS2100849Se vende casa ubicada en Cartago, La Unión, Condominio Vale Cinco: House For Sale in San Rafael$132,331Active31San RafaelCartagoCosta Rica
RS2200907House For Sale in Cartago$107,692Active32CartagoCartagoCosta Rica
RS1800065House For Sale in San Nicolás$158,455Active32San NicolásCartagoCosta Rica
RS1800064House For Sale in El Tejar$159,000Active42El TejarCartagoCosta Rica
RS2301041Perfect for large families who value independence and enjoy beautiful views of La Carpintera.$375,500Active44San RafaelCartagoCosta Rica
RS2100559House For Sale in Cartago$102,986Active32CartagoCartagoCosta Rica
RS2100558House For Sale in San Juan$235,447Active43San JuanCartagoCosta Rica
RS2200383House For Sale in Concepción$131,626Active31ConcepciónCartagoCosta Rica
RS2200382Apartment For Sale in Concepción$81,630Active22ConcepciónCartagoCosta Rica
RS2100573House For Sale in San Juan$182,000Active32San JuanCartagoCosta Rica
RS2200190House For Sale in La Union$112,190Active32La UnionCartagoCosta Rica
RS2100261House For Sale in Cartago$132,704Active42CartagoCartagoCosta Rica
RS1900596House For Sale in La Union$230,867Active43La UnionCartagoCosta Rica
RS2200145House For Sale in Cartago$175,000Active32CartagoCartagoCosta Rica
RS1900493House For Sale in Cartago$133,530Active44CartagoCartagoCosta Rica
RS1900486House For Sale in Turrialba$146,632Active32TurrialbaCartagoCosta Rica
RS2300710Se vende casa ubicada en Cartago, Dulce Nombre, Condominio Los Helechos: Condominium For Sale in Cartago$116,117Active32CartagoCartagoCosta Rica
RS2300979Mountain property in Cartago$550,000Active53CartagoCartagoCosta Rica
RS2101118Se vende casa ubicada en Cartago, La Unión, Concepción: House For Sale in Concepción$139,257Active32ConcepciónCartagoCosta Rica
RS2200462House For Sale in La Unión$163,281Active32La UniónCartagoCosta Rica
RS2300188Apartment For Sale in Cartago, Tres Rios$111,181Active22Cartago, Tres RiosCartagoCosta Rica