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MLS ID Title Price Status Beds Baths City/Town State Country
RS2100211Se vende casa ubicada en Heredia, Santo Domingo, Santa Rosa: House For Sale in Santa Rosa$311,645Active43Santa RosaHerediaCosta Rica
RS2100802Apartment For Sale in Rincón de Sabanilla$365,386Active11Rincón de SabanillaHerediaCosta Rica
RS2100800House For Sale in Quintana$149,289Active23QuintanaHerediaCosta Rica
RS2200235House For Sale in San Roque$175,000Active43San RoqueHerediaCosta Rica
RS2200225House For Sale in Santiago$126,017Active22SantiagoHerediaCosta Rica
RS1900403CONDOMINIO FRANCOSTA: House For Sale in Barreal$285,000Active43BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RS1800720Casa Belen Cove$490,000Active42La RiberaHerediaCosta Rica
RS2100892House For Sale in Santa Rosa$280,000Active65Santa RosaHerediaCosta Rica
RS2100340Apartment For Sale in San Pablo$120,700Active11San PabloHerediaCosta Rica
RS2100212Se vende casa ubicada en Heredia, Heredia, Central: House For Sale in Santo Domingo$122,794Active41Santo DomingoHerediaCosta Rica
RS2200240House For Sale in Barrantes$167,396Active22BarrantesHerediaCosta Rica
RS2200239Apartment For Sale in Barreal$227,000Active22BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RS2200343House For Sale in Santo Tomás$216,850Active32Santo TomásHerediaCosta Rica
RS2000051Mountain House For Sale in Santo Tomás$325,000Active43Santo TomásHerediaCosta Rica
RS2100865House For Sale in San Pablo$160,000Active53San PabloHerediaCosta Rica
RS2200856House For Sale in San Francisco$214,000Active33San FranciscoHerediaCosta Rica
RS2000408Apartment For Sale in Barreal$106,000Active22BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RS2201001Casa de Heredia, Cielo Dorado, Sacramento: Multi-level mountain villa with panoramic views of central valley$1,500,000Active33PurabaHerediaCosta Rica
RS2300026Apartment For Sale in Barreal$123,873Active22BarrealHerediaCosta Rica
RS2200073House For Sale in Santa Rosa$136,718Active32Santa RosaHerediaCosta Rica
RS2100915House For Sale in San Joaquin$95,890Sold21San JoaquinHerediaCosta Rica
RS2100858House For Sale in Belen$625,000Active76BelenHerediaCosta Rica
RS2300204Luxury contemporary house for sale in San Bosco, Santa Barbara de Heredia.$750,000Active53San Bosco de Santa Bárbara de HerediaHerediaCosta Rica
RS1800601House For Sale in Santo Domingo$200,000Active32Santo DomingoHerediaCosta Rica
RS2200496House For Sale in La Asunción$391,093Active44La AsunciónHerediaCosta Rica