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MLS ID Title Price Status City/Town State Country
LL2400241For Sale: This beautiful 1.12-hectare estate in Santa Cecilia de San Isidro de Heredia, on Caricias Street.$450,000ActiveSan IsidroHerediaCosta Rica
LL2400240For Sale: This beautiful flat lot in La Ceiba of Orotina$325,000ActiveOrotinaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL1800011Airport property in Liberia, near to project Nya$3,750,000ActiveGuardiaGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1302238Beachfront lot for sale Bahía Golfito Costa Rica$475,000ActiveGolfitoPuntarenasCosta Rica
LL2300267Six Acres Ocean View on Three Lots$475,000ActivePlaya JunquillalGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL2300444Finca Tesoro Escondido - The Jewel of Uvita$1,800,000ActiveUvitaPuntarenasCosta Rica
LL2300313Spectacularly Priced Estate Lot in Playa Negra$150,000SoldPlaya NegraGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL2300284Farm for sale Guanacaste Nandayure Costa Rica$100,000ActiveZapotalGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL2300230Agricultural Land For Sale in Bejuco$177,000ActiveBejucoPuntarenasCosta Rica
LL2300226Near the Coast Agricultural Land For Sale in Orotina$950,000ActiveOrotinaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2200195.Beach Property for sale in San Juanillo, close to the coast$490,000ActivePlaya San JuanilloGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL1302231Mountain Agricultural Land For Sale in La Asunción$395,000ActiveLa AsunciónHerediaCosta Rica
LL2200224Building lots for sale, 6 available properties 10 minutes away from Liberia$109,974ActiveLiberiaGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL2200334Partial Ocean View Lot With Amazing Sunrises$79,000ActivePlaya SamaraGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL2200237Development property for sale, Building project opportunity close to Liberia Airport and City with beautiful Flat property $351,700ActiveLiberiaGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL210034510 acre Dream Mountain Farmland near Monteverde$60,000ActiveGuacimalPuntarenasCosta Rica
LL2400033Farm for sale Puriscal Close to Universidad para la Paz Costa Rica$560,000ActiveDesamparaditos San JoséCosta Rica
LL2300354Agricultural Land For Sale in Atenas$350,000ActiveAtenasAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL2300345PRIME PARRITA FARM FOR SALE$3,462,000ActiveParritaPuntarenasCosta Rica
LL2200178Building potential property for sale, beautiful land in the pure nature close to Bijagua$162,500ActiveBijaguaAlajuelaCosta Rica
LL1800189Flat Farmland for Sale with Top Construction Options in Liberia, Beautiful Valley-Surrounded Property$280,000ActiveLiberiaGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL2400075Whales Tail and Ocean View Farm, Over 39 acres$450,000ActiveSan Luis de MoreteSan JoséCosta Rica
LL1900119Se vende finca en Puerto Viejo, Sarapiqui.: Countryside Agricultural Land For Sale in Puerto viejo$443,744ActivePuerto viejoHerediaCosta Rica
LL2200376Nature Paradise Farm for sale in the mountains of Quebrada Grande, Building potential property 30 minutes away from Liberia$164,000ActiveCañas DulcesGuanacasteCosta Rica
LL2400186Exclusive Finca Shambalah Lots$209,000ActivePlaya AvellanasGuanacasteCosta Rica