The Turnkey solution Eco Mountain Lodge for sale is located in the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range, in the vicinity of RINCÓN DE LA VIEJA NATIONAL PARK, indeed only 8 kilometers (5 miles) away from the PAILAS SECTOR. Thus, it is situated in a strategic area, close to many thermal facilities, 25 km (15.5 miles) east of LIBERIA, the capital of Guanacaste, and 15 km (9.5 miles) northwest of GUAYABO, a small town with supermarkets, restaurants, school, medical care center, bank and petrol station. Thanks to its fairly high location (750 m,

2.460 feet) on the edge of extensive forests, the lodge has a wonderfully cool climate, the best in the whole country, as some say.

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Mountain, Countryside
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1.00 ha (2.47 acre)



The Turnkey solution Eco Mountain Lodge for sale is located in the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range, in the vicinity of RINCÓN DE LA VIEJA NATIONAL PARK, indeed only 8 kilometers (5 miles) away from the PAILAS SECTOR. Thus, it is situated in a strategic area, close to many thermal facilities, 25 km (15.5 miles) east of LIBERIA, the capital of Guanacaste, and 15 km (9.5 miles) northwest of GUAYABO, a small town with supermarkets, restaurants, school, medical care center, bank and petrol station. Thanks to its fairly high location (750 m,

2.460 feet) on the edge of extensive forests, the lodge has a wonderfully cool climate, the best in the whole country, as some say.


The turnkey solution eco mountain consists of two plots of land registered as public limited companies, known as «Sociedad Anónima» – SA by his initials, the most popular legal form in Costa Rica. The plots are approximately half a hectare each (1.23 acres), together exactly 10,011m 2 (2.47 acres). Due to its location, the property is bordered to the west by a deeply cut creek, to the south and east by public roads, and to the north by two neighboring properties. From the brook, its lowest point, the terrain ascends in gentle undulation to the east, with a difference in altitude of about 20 meters (65.6 feet). A well-arranged driveway bordered by hedges runs right through the middle, halfway up, as it were. This leads from the entrance gate at the southern end to the spacious parking lot at the far north end and divides the estate into two halves, which correspond to the two plots that make up the property. The plot above the road extends gently uphill to the gravel road that climbs from SAN JORGE, the nearest village, where there is a separate entrance. It is not developed and has numerous trees.

The plot below the road slopes down in two steps to the stream that borders it. This part has beautiful scattered trees, magnificent tropical garden plants, a banana grove, and several buildings. On the upper step, in the middle of a well-kept grassy area, is the ranch, built with raw logs in the local tradition. Next to it, on one side, about 10 meters away (32.8 feet), is the eight-shaped swimming pool, followed by the water tower, and on the other side, about 20 meters away (65.6 feet), a recently completed building complex consisting of two cabins and a shared kitchen space. On the lower level – a small plain that stretches along the creek – there is a house built on stilts in «Tico» style (ground clearance of 40 centimeters, 16 inches) with a wide terrace in front. At the back, surrounded by a banana plantation, are the outside facilities: the laundry room with washing machine, dryer and sink as well as a tool shed.

On the slope leading up to the upper level, there are two houses, entirely made of wood, supported on stilts and arranged parallel to each other at a short distance, and to the right, at a greater distance, also on stilts, a house with a balcony, completed in 2022. On either side, an artfully constructed natural stone staircase connects the different levels with their respective buildings. In addition, cross paths covered with large natural stone slabs set into the lawn complete the linkage.


The TICO HOUSE, located on the lower level, offers a living area of about 50 m 2 (532 square feet), divided into two bedrooms, a living room with a kitchenette, a vestibule with a linen closet, and a shower and toilet compartment. The house is preceded by a spacious terrace

with wide windows, secured by insect screens and beautiful green natural stone slabs.

The two bedrooms – one with a double bed and the other with a child-friendly bunk bed – are connected to the living room by a door, but also communicate with each other. The house is suitable for four people, but it can accommodate more people if needed. The living room is furnished with a table and four chairs, a bookshelf, and a kitchenette, which offers a tiled countertop with a sink and, recessed underneath, a mini-bar next to a shelf equipped with crockery, cutlery, cookware, coffee maker, electric frying pan and rice cooker.

Above the table, a Velux skylight has been installed in the ceiling, which provides more light and, together with a wall extractor, additional ventilation to the kitchen. The floors are all tiled and therefore easy to maintain and clean. The shower cubicle, like all the other bathrooms with in-floor drainage, is fully tiled and equipped with the Lorenzetti flow showerhead, widely used in Costa Rica, which ensures constant hot water.

To improve accessibility, on the lower level facing the adjacent side street, an additional entrance with a sliding gate has been enabled where a car can be parked. Located at ground level a few steps in front of the entrance of the TICO HOUSE, it facilitates access for the

disabled or elderly since it is possible to roll the luggage comfortably inside the house instead of dragging it laboriously down the stairs from the upper parking lot. The LAUNDRY, built in 2024, has been equipped with a large three-piece sink, washing machine, and gas dryer. Between the two buildings, there is an additional area spanned with lines, where clothes can be dried when the sun is shining, however, a gas dryer is available. LONG HOUSES and HOUSE with BALCONY, located on the slope side In a longhouse, the rooms, line up lengthwise and are not connected by internal doors, but by a front porch to which they open.

The LOWER LONG HOUSE which serves as a home for the owners during their stay in Costa Rica, is divided into the actual flat, the kitchen, and a covered terrace. The flat, which was created by merging three previously separate compartments, of about 24 m 2 (258 square feet), consists of an anteroom, equipped with two armchairs and a coffee table, a bookshelf and television; a bedroom with a queen-size double bed and several small furniture; a shower cabin plus sink and toilet; and a room which serves as an office, with

built-in wardrobe, wall shelf, table, and stool. – The floors are made of hardwood, the walls are paneled at mid-height with two beautifully contrasting types of wood and the ceiling, with exposed roof beams, is clad with narrow slats of pochote wood. All the furniture is handmade with precious wood. The kitchen (approx. 12 m 2,130 square feet), with a tiled floor, is clad in Gypsum boards and

equipped with a long solid wood table and matching benches, a granite worktop, fridge, microwave, several shelves, and a cupboard.

The part of the porch in front of the apartment has been extended into a spacious covered terrace (13 m 2, 140 square feet) protected by insect screens all around. The walls, ceiling, and doors are covered with slats that, periodically waxed, have a beautiful patina. It is furnished with two wooden armchairs and a coffee table, a dining table with four chairs, a bookshelf, and a trunk.

The apartment has two Velux windows, the kitchen has one, and the terrace has a skylight. In the absence of the owners, the apartment will be included in the rental offer by placing an extra bed in the anteroom. The office and kitchen remain private. The SUPERIOR LONG HOUSE is divided into three parts: two standard triple cabins (12 m 2,130 square feet) and a shared kitchen in the center. The cabins have a double bed plus a single bed and a separate shower and toilet area. The mattresses, like those in all other beds, are of orthopedic quality. The furniture is handmade with precious wood, the wardrobe is individually designed. For optimal ventilation, the rooms (including the kitchen) have been equipped with a Velux skylight. The kitchen is equipped with a table and two stools, a tiled countertop with a sink, and several shelves where you can find crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils, a coffee maker, an electric frying pan, and a rice cooker. Perishables can be kept in the shared refrigerator at the nearby Ranch.

On the right-hand side of the cabins, 20 steps away, is the HOUSE with BALCONY, where the manager lives. It is a new building, built in 2022, with a light structure, and consists of a master bedroom with a built-in kitchen, a smaller room separated by a sliding door, a

bathroom with shower and toilet, and a front balcony. Instead of a Velux window, a stepped roof was chosen, a form in which the two roof slopes, placed at different angles of inclination, meet at the ridge at different heights. As with a step, a horizontal strip remains free, into which a venting skylight is inserted to increase natural lighting and aeration. A lot of wood has been used in the interior design, the floor is solid planks, the ceilings are clad with slats all over and the walls are half-height. The heavy front door was handcrafted from cedar

wood according to an original design.

Buildings on the Upper Level

In the middle of the turnkey solution eco mountain, you will find the RANCHO (35 m 2, 377 square feet), a place of central importance in Costa Rica, as it serves as a social gathering place for guests. As a rule, this is a roof sitting on posts. In this one, the sides were closed up to half height with panels to provide protection against cold, wind, and rain. Equipment includes a brick fireplace with barbecue; a kitchen area with a countertop, gas stove, and sink; a shared fridge where each guest has their compartment; a crockery and cutlery cupboard; a heavy dining table for eight people and game benches, a small table with stools and two typical wooden armchairs with coffee table. The inside of the roof is very advantageously clad with bamboo slats.

30 steps south of the ranch are the COMPLEX with light construction, completed in 2022, consisting of two CABINS (12 m 2 , 130 square feet) – one is double, the other triple standard – and an adjoining SHARED KITCHEN. Here, too, a stepped roof was chosen. The equipment is more or less the same as in the cabins and the kitchen of the long house.

On the north side is the " WATER TOWER; In other words, a platform has been placed on top of the shed where the tools and work materials are stored, housing four drinking water tanks with a total capacity of 2250 liters. These are filled by a pump that turns on

automatically when the water level drops below a certain point. From there, the water is conducted by gravity to the lower buildings, a circumstance that guarantees autonomy for several days in the event of a power outage.


The turnkey solution eco mountain is connected to the grid of the Costa Rican Electricity Company or ICE for short. However, there is still no WATER SUPPLY at the municipal level, something that has been debated for years. By law, residents have the right to draw water from the adjacent creek. It originates in the nearby nature reserve and carries pure mountain water (laboratory analysis is available). To consolidate their legal right, the owners have obtained an official permit to draw water, which gives them the right to draw a flow of 0.05 l/sec, which corresponds to about 4.5m 3 per day. However, creek water is only used to fill the pool and for irrigation during droughts.

For environmental reasons, the pool water is not chlorinated, but only filtered and returned to the stream untreated. As far as irrigation is concerned, a complete drip system has been installed with connection points at all levels and even to the furthest corners. The drinking water, however, comes from a spring that is located outside the property, but over which there is a right of use registered in the deeds of the property, including an official concession for the amount of 0.05 l/sec. With this – according to laboratory analysis – purest

drinking water, the tower's tanks are filled. As for INTERNET access, the Eco-Lodge is connected with 20 megabytes and also has a

landline telephone.


The property is – and always has been – more than a property, i.e., a Lodge, one of those rustic hotels embedded in nature, of which there are countless in Costa Rica. At the time of purchase, it was also quite operational. However, it was unavoidable to temporarily shut

down operations to allow for a fundamental renovation of buildings and infrastructure. Fortunately, a highly skilled builder was found for this task, who, mindful of respecting the environment and the principles of sustainable development, focused entirely on the project

over time. And not only on the restoration in the strict sense but increasingly also on modernizing the hostel function using the resources made available on the Internet platforms. He now organizes the entire tourism sector, from reservations to accommodation, and, is responsible for overall maintenance, he takes on the position of administrator. As soon as, after many years of effort, an Internet connection was installed with the possibility of working online, the reopening was initiated in February 2023 accompanied by the local authorities.


From Liberia, the Eco-Lodge can be reached in half an hour via the mostly paved road leading to RINCON DE LA VIEJA/SANTA MARIA NATIONAL PARK and from Guayabo via an asphalt road that also leads to the national park, in 20 minutes. And Guayabo can be reached from the Inter-American highway – Bagaces exit – along an impeccable asphalt road (via 164) after about 25 km (15.5 miles).

As mentioned, the Eco-Lodge is only 8 km from the National Park, making it an ideal starting point. Also of interest are the THERMAL BATHS, of which there are half a dozen in Guayabo and its surroundings. A worthwhile new excursion destination is the MIRAVALLES NATIONAL PARK, which will be accessible from Guayabo and is scheduled to open in August 2024.

The proximity to Liberia (the Eco-Lodge is only half an hour from downtown) is undoubtedly a significant plus. Anyone looking to start a new life would find ideal conditions here to realize their plans, such as setting up a new business. As the capital of Guanacaste and the second largest city in the country, Liberia is an ideal location that offers everything you need for daily life. You will also find numerous public and private schools and high schools here. In addition, there is no shortage of local and international shopping malls and spare parts stores, ready to provide you with everything you need. Many essential public or private service providers – such as schools, secondary education centers, post offices, banks, numerous pharmacies scattered throughout the city, and many others – are at your disposal. Most importantly: DANIEL ODUBER International Airport is only 20 minutes from the city center!

By the way, the same road that leads to the airport also leads to the best exotic beaches in the province. Tamarindo, the tourist stronghold, is just 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Liberia. Other beautiful beaches such as Panama, Hermosa, Coco, Ocotal, and Cabuyal are

within 40 minutes, i.e., an hour and a quarter from the Eco-Lodge. Dont miss out on this great opportunity and contact us, SUN REAL ESTATE COSTA RICA, for more information. The price of the turnkey solution eco mountain for sale – the turnkey Eco Mountain Lodge – is USD 332,000. Considering you will be working from home in a beautiful nature-loving property that is environmentally conscious by its very design, that’s a great deal. This beautiful property surrounded by forests and rolling mountains is perfect for those who know

how to enjoy nature with consideration.

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The Sun Real Estate Office is in Guanacaste. It is 4 km west of Daniel Oduber International Airport or 20 minutes from Liberia town. Our Office is located inside the German Bakery Property or the Restaurant Pizzeria Europa, which is the same place. Click here at Business for Sale and look for the links in the sidebar to see specific areas in Costa Rica. To sum up, please let us know if you have a particular property in mind you cannot find in our listings. We will look for the best deal according to your needs. Therefore, call Costa Rica Sun Real Estate or use the contact form for more info.


Roof Type
Number of Units
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Full Bathrooms
Number of Rooms
Unit Floor
Number of Stories
Total Interior Area
230.00 m² (2,475.69 sq ft)
Total Area under Roof
230.00 m² (2,475.69 sq ft)
Total Lot Size
1.00 ha (2.47 acre)
Floor Type
Concrete, Wood, Stone
Construction Status
Construction Type
Steel, Concrete, Wood, Metal
Year Built
Air Condition
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Number of Parking Spaces
Television Types
Standard Cable TV, Standard Satellite TV
San Jorge, Mogote, Bagaces, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Costa Rica
San Jorge
Location Type
Mountain, Countryside
Geographic Type
Dry Forest
View Type
Greenbelt View, Garden View
4.00 m (13.12 ft)
Average Temperature
24 °C (75 °F)
Interior Features Included
Natural Wood Finishing, Fully Equiped Kitchen, Separate Dining Room, Laundry Room, Multiple Master Suites
Exterior Features Included
Storage Closet, Storage Shed, Water Faucets, Garden
Amenities Included
Water, Internet, Television, Telephone
Security Features
Street Access Type
Unpaved Road
Type of Water
City Water, River/Stream provides Water, Well Water, Water Tank
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Cable Internet
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Cable Television, Satellite Television
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Telephone Available




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